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Grab your sizzling summer BBQ essentials from Preston Markets

June 3 2024

Celebrating National BBQ Week 3 - 9 June 2024

The history of the word barbecue (BBQ for short) comes from a Caribbean Indian tribe called the Taino, who would slow cook meat on a wooden framework resting on sticks above a fire, which resulted in a charred and smokey flavour. Around the 16th century, Spanish explorers who encountered this native cooking style adapted it and called it 'Barbacoa'. Over the years, the outdoor cooking style spread to other areas of America and later to different parts of the globe.

The style of cooking became so popular that in the 18th century the word 'barbecue' was entered into The Dictionary of the English Language and by the 19th Century it was firmly established as a staple cooking method for social occassions and bringing people together to eat and socialise.

With summer and BBQ week officially here, what better reason to polish up your tongs and skewers, stock up on food and drink and invite your friends and family round for a classic BBQ evening. For all your foodie favourites, look no further than Preston Markets to grab those BBQ essentials.

Mighty meats

For all your classic meat items and more, you can count on Livesey's and Redmans to deliver quality locally sourced products that are sure to be a win.

BBQ themed food

BBQ themed meat selection

To save time scouting about for your classic meat staples, Livesey's have put together a nice little BBQ bundle for a bargain price of £30. Each pack includes:

  • 6 Beef burgers
  • 12 Livesey pork sausage
  • 5 Flavoured Chicken kebabs
  • 4 Peppered steaks
  • 10 Salt and Pepper wings
  • 8 Flavoured Drumsticks

BBQ and Meat Platters

BBQ and Meat platter

For something that little bit different, why not try Redmans BBQ and Raw Meat Platters. 

To find out what sort of platters are available, prices and how to place your online order visit Goodeats - Redmans.

Fabulous fish

Sea Bream, Silver Hake and Lemon Sole close up

For fish lovers, Mark Williams Fishmonger is the place to pick up some sensational seafood. Whether you fancy barbecued salmon, sea bass or perhaps some prawn and fish kebabs, Mark is your go to trader offering an assortment of fresh fish, shellfish, and other exotic seafood.

Super sides

Vine tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber, peppers and lettuce

What barbecue would be complete without a delicious healthy mix of greens. With Fresh and Fruity and Superveg stocking a large variety of locally sourced vegetables perfect for salad sides, you can be sure to find exactly what you're looking for and more.

Belting beverages

Row of beer cans

When it comes to beverages, don't forget to stop by Market Bottle Shop for some locally brewed and international craft beers and ales. They also offer free local delivery (within 25 miles of Preston) for orders over £30.

To find out more about traders, events and more, make sure you follow @prestonmarkets on Instagram - Preston Markets, Facebook - Preston Markets and X - Preston Markets.

Map address for Preston Markets

Preston Markets, Earl Street, Preston, PR1 2JA.